We are two buddies named Devin that are passionate about life, living, experiences, and interviewing fellow passengers on Spaceship Earth.

We host a podcast that is absolutely RIDDLED with amazing guests and philosophical discussions. Every week we strive to provide the most nuanced and intelligent conversations ever uttered by human beings. We also host a monthly live variety show that has been described as “uproariously funny”, and “oh my god dude, how is well rum only $2 here??? I am so drunk right now.”

Our videos are analytical dissections of the intricacies of modern life. featuring heavy-hitting topics like “living with roommates” and “Kermit the Frog probably rules at having sex.” Our video content has been described as “absolutely necessary” and “Good job on your video, Dev! Love, Mom.”

Be sure to give us a listen and/or a watch - you won’t regret it.