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My Other BUNNY Devin Variety Show

AYYYYY! My Other Buddy Devin is BACK with another dope, ill, and absolutely RIP-ROARINGLY CHILL ass live show! Coming fresh off the runner’s high from the Crescent City Classic that morning, and in the true spirit of late April, we present to you: My Other BUNNY Devin.

Yes, that’s right! We are celebrating the existence of a giant, mystical rabbit named Devin. This rabbit only comes out of his magical hole in April, so you don’t wanna miss this once-a-year experience!

Featuring friends, fun, family, rock and roll, and RABBITS, this show will be sure to make those floppy ears PERK UP!

4/20. Banks St. Bar. 8 PM.

FREE SHOW, so be sure to tip your bartenders HANDSOMELY.